Senior College Courses

As a senior citizen, you can attend a college course at Otterbein University for free. To qualify you must be age 60 or older.

The opportunity to observe a class is a free service Otterbein University offers to the Central Ohio community. Only one course per term may be observed. Participation is not to be interpreted as a state-mandated entitlement (the university is self-supported).

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Submit the application to the Office of the Registrar located in the lower level of Towers Hall room 027.

Class Request Deadline

Requests to observe a class must be on file at least 10 days prior to the start of classes. This permits the Office of the Registrar to:

  • determine if the class is eligible per Otterbein University policies. Requestors are not to go outside the policy to seek permission from the instructor on their own. Violation of this policy is an automatic “ineligible to participate.”
  • obtain approval from the instructor and department chairperson.

Exceptions to this deadline cannot be made.  Notification will be made by email, letter or phone.

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Eligible Classes

Observation is limited to lecture-style classes. Classes involving individual instruction (such as computer science, drawing, foreign language, lectures with labs, etc.), travel classes, or classes with full enrollment are not available. There are no exceptions to this policy.

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Course Textbooks

You may secure a textbook for the class at your own cost through the Otterbein campus bookstore, which is located in the Campus Center on Home Street, 614-823-1364.

Participation in Class

The extent of the observer’s participation in class discussions or other class activities is determined by the instructor.

Course Transcript

Observing a class is not considered an audit, so no tuition is charged and no transcript record is created.

Getting a Parking Permit

  • There is no charge for the parking permit.
  • The permit is valid for only one academic term.
  • The permit can be obtained from Otterbein Campus Police, 194 W. Main Street, 614-823-1222.

Note: This program has been established as a good will effort and in no way gives the observer a right to disrupt the course of instruction. The instructor has the right to ask the observer to leave, relinquishing all future requests.