Volunteer & Give

We are fortunate to have alumni who want to volunteer their time and talent to support Otterbein’s mission and values. A variety of opportunities allow you to customize your experience and impact our community. Complete this form to let us know how you might want to be involved. Once we receive your form, we will contact you to discuss opportunities. 

Below are just a few of the options currently available. Please contact the team at alumniinfo@otterbein.edu or submit a Volunteer Request Form to learn more.

  • Reunion Committee Volunteer
  • Admissions Volunteer
  • Career Development Volunteer
  • Fundraising Volunteer
  • Community Engagement Volunteer
  • Special Event Volunteer
  • Social Media Ambassador

You can also consider making an impact by making a gift to the Otterbein Fund.

Fred Glasser ’69
Reunion Committee Member

“I volunteer for Otterbein for a number of reasons: Giving back to the school, Reminiscing about my time as a student, Reconnecting with fellow Alumni, Interacting with current students and staff.”

Icilda Dickerson ’88
Alumni Council Member

“Continuity of excellence propels me to extend my time and commitment to Otterbein University. I am always grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to earn a degree as one of the first in my family to graduate from college. It is a natural progression for me to give back and be a supportive facilitator to assist students, faculty, and alumni achieve success.”

Jeff Rutter ’97
Greek Alumni Council

“I volunteer at Otterbein as a very small way to pay it forward. I could never give back everything I gained at Otterbein, not even close, but if I can make a small and positive difference in a single person’s life then I may have planted a seed that they can nurture into the desire to give back as well. Contribute to the cycle of positivity.”

Alumni Council

The mission of the Otterbein Alumni community is to build and maintain meaningful, lifelong relationships that engage alumni and the University by creating new opportunities, fostering lifelong learning, building mutual support and expanding the Otterbein experience. The Otterbein University Alumni Council acts as an advisory board for the Otterbein Office of Alumni Relations, a division of Institutional Advancement. Alumni Council members are all Otterbein alumni and each member is appointed for a three-year term. The Council meets on campus three times per year.  After completion of their term on Alumni Council, members move into the consultant category where they can remain advisers to the Alumni Relations team.

2019-2020 Alumni Council Members

  • David Brown ’99
  • Chris Cargill MBA’16
  • Mark Curtis ’91
  • Icilda Watkins Dickerson ’88
  • Maggie Ellison ’10, MBA ’19
  • Christy Boyd Farnbauch ’88
  • Eric Farnbauch ’90
  • Susan McDaniel Gable ’80
  • Dan Gifford ’88 (Trustee)
  • Sonya Lowmiller Higgenbotham ’98
  • Peter Klipa ’89
  • Rhonda Talford Knight ’96
  • Barb Maurer Lindeman ’64
  • Mike Mesewicz ’87
  • Mary Logan So ’02
  • Kathryn Felsenthal Stephens ’97
  • Nancy Case Struble ’79
  • Jean Sylvester MBA ’10
  • Jae Benson Van Wey ’71
  • Nate Van Wey ’72
  • Jack Whalen ’66
  • Karen Persson Whalen ’67

Young Alumni Board

The Young Alumni Board (or YAB, for short) provides guidance to the Office of Alumni Relations in regards to the young alumni community (all alumni age 40 and younger). The Board will serve as representatives of the greater young alumni community and seeks to engage other young alumni in events and programming for the University.

The YAB is composed of selected members of the young alumni community who have demonstrated leadership, vision and commitment to the University through event attendance, giving and leadership/strategic planning. This Board meets two times per calendar year in January and August, and members serve two-year terms.

Please share your ideas for future programs or to be considered for membership by contacting Ben Schwarz, MBA ’19, associate director of Alumni Relations.

2018-2019 Young Alumni Board Members

  • Alicia Contrascier ’15
  • Kiersten Curtis ’14
  • Michelle Dippold ’13
  • Regan Donoughe ’17
  • Maggie Ellison ’10
  • Erin Sites Ensign ’08
  • Chris Ensign ’08
  • Megan Hartley Ford ’10
  • Andrea Howard-Drago ’10
  • Olivia Knodel ’17
  • Audra Kohler ’14
  • JP Lococo ’12
  • Mark Louks ’12
  • Megan McLain ’07
  • Michael Minite ’12, MBA ’17
  • Tim Sedgwick ’13
  • Jeurell Smith ’06
  • Mitchell Snyder ’17
  • Hannah Ullom White ’12
  • Jim Waterwash ’15
  • Jacob Watkins ’17
  • Garth Weithman ’11
  • James Williamson ’13
  • Student Members: Kennedy Mensah ’20 & Megan Powell ’20

Alumni Networks

What is an Alumni Network?
The Otterbein University Alumni Networks provide opportunities and events for alumni to connect with others who share your interests. A network is for alumni who share common academic majors, cultural affiliations, places of employment or special interests. The purpose of networks is for career enhancement, professional development and mentoring for current students. Get involved and remember just how much fun it is to be a Cardinal!