Liaison Librarians

Library liaisons engage with faculty and staff, meeting their research, access, and teaching needs across all schools, departments, and University programs.

Factors that drive faculty engagement can include:

  • Program design
  • Majors and minors taught
  • Number of faculty per program/department
  • Digital Commons representation and usage
  • School, department, and program committee participation

Supporting the needs of the student body are equally important, and factors that drive student engagement can include:

  • Research project needs and assignments
  • Information literacy engagement
  • Event and programming support and opportunities
  • Select and appropriate University Program & Enrichment Series committee participation

Liaisons Librarians By Academic Department

Academic Department

Liaison Librarian

Academic Support Center

Allied Health

Biology & Earth Sciences


Center for Teaching and Learning


Common Book


Education (Undergraduate & Graduate)



Environmental Studies

Equine Science

Film Studies

Health & Sports Sciences

History/Political Science



Mathematics & Computer Sciences

Modern Languages & Cultures




Race & Ethnic Studies

Religion & Philosophy

Sociology, Criminology and Justice Studies

Theatre & Dance

Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

Liaisons Librarians by Name and Assignments

Jessica Crossfield McIntosh

Public Services Librarian/Assistant Professor
One year leave 12/20 – 12/21

Kristin E. Cole

Assessment and Special Projects Librarian/Associate Professor
Phone: 614-823-1026

Liaison Librarian for

  • Biology & Earth Sciences
  • Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Studies
  • Equine Science
  • Mathematical Sciences and Actuarial Science
  • Physics
  • Sustainability Studies

Rares Piloiu

Information Literacy Librarian/Associate Professor
Phone: 614-823-1314

Liaison Librarian for

  • English
  • Film Studies
  • Modern Languages & Cultures, including Deaf Studies & English as a Second Language
  • Psychology
  • Religion & Philosophy
  • Theatre & Dance
  • General Education: First Year Program, Writing Intensive

Allen Reichert

Electronic Access/Government Publication Librarian/Professor
Phone: 614-823-1164

Liaison Librarian for

  • Art and Art History
  • Business, Accounting & Economics
  • Communication
  • History/Political Science
  • Leadership
  • Legal Studies Minor
  • Sociology, Criminology and Justice Studies
  • General Education: Integrative Studies, SYE

Elizabeth Zeitz

Technical Services Coordinator
Phone: 614-823-1938

Liaison for

  • Race & Ethnic Studies 

Jane Wu

Digital and Web Services Librarian/Professor
Phone: 614-823-1027

Liaison Librarian for

  • Distinction
  • Undergrad Nursing
  • Graduate Nursing
  • Graduate Studies in Allied Health
  • Health & Sports Sciences
  • Health Studies
  • Honors

Shiva Shakeri

Part-time Librarian
Phone: 614-823-1366

Liaison for

  • Business, Accounting & Economics
  • Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

Alexis Fintel

Part-time Librarian
Phone: 614-823-1026

Liaison for

  • Academic Support Center, Music

Administrative Liaison Duties

Administrative Liaison Duties

Other campus administrative departments or programs served by librarians, administrators and support staff from the library

Enrichment Programs


  • Staff Assembly – Staff Development Collection – Elizabeth Zeitz , Liaison

Academic Affairs Division (administrative units that support academic initiatives)

Student Affairs Division (administrative units that support student life)


Learn more about the Library Liaisons Service

Above all, liaisons are expected to be advocates for the Library, its services and resources, and will work to foster collaboration between the Library and other areas on campus.  

In addition to responsibilities associated with each position’s primary job descriptions, library staff will be encouraged to liaise with academic and administrative departments in a variety of appropriate and necessary ways, including:

Outreach, Advocacy, and Support (All)

  •  Work closely within liaison areas to assist with developing new programs or initiatives
  • Identify and follow up on departmental project collaborations
  • *Present annually to liaison areas to share library updates and to connect library initiatives more closely to liaison area goals
  • Assist with accreditation, program reviews, and development
  • Participate in any necessary or relevant committees related to or housed within their liaison areas and report back to the library as needed
  • Take initiative to identify, meet, and facilitate ongoing communication about the resource needs and service expectations from faculty, student and staff.

Scholarly Communications (All)

  • Work with faculty, students, and staff to identify low or no-cost textbook options
  • Assist liaison area with utilizing library resources
  • Keep current with general trends in scholarly communications and educate and inform liaison’s community about scholarly communication issues
  • Promote new avenues of scholarly communication such as open access publishing, journal hosting, etc.
  • Discover and recruit scholarly output for inclusion in the DC@otterbein

Collection and Resources (Librarians)

  • Engaging in appropriate collection development
  • Systematically review appropriate collections as per the Collection Development Policy standards
  • Partner with university groups to identify and provide access to currently-taught textbooks (print or eBook)
  • Provide new program and accreditation collection analysis if desired 

Teaching, Learning, and Research Services  (Librarians)

  • Assist faculty, students, and staff with research and other information literacy questions
  • Assist staff and faculty in those areas with electronic, print, and other resource or access needs
  • Provide instruction in information literacy to courses or individuals within the discipline
  • Identify the major and minor gateway courses and actively seek a significant degree of involvement in those courses.
  • Provide abundant research services including research consultations and faculty research assistance.

Please see the Library’s full Schedule of Operations for additional information.

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