Sheronda Whitner ’12 – HSS Alumni Spotlight

Posted Oct 28, 2020

HSS Alumni Spotlight: Sheronda Whitner '12

“I don’t owe my professional success to my destiny, courage, luck, belief, confidence, or fortune. I owe it to the wonderful scholar-teachers at Otterbein University. Nothing can come close to the inspirational presence of my instructors who placed me on this journey that has become Public Health. You have no idea how important a role they played in shaping my career as a Public Health Vision Consultant, I had many teachers and maybe we did not meet a lot, but those little encouraging words meant so much to me in then and now in 2020, as we face uncertain times from COVID-19.”

– Sheronda Whitner

If you recognize the name Sheronda Whitner ‘12 it might be because she was named as a Rising Star at Otterbein during the 2019 alumni awards. Sheronda is Public Health Vision Consultant for the Ohio Department of Health.  Sheronda was in high school when she began to learn the importance of vision health. She is public servant with over 20 years of experience in the health field including being a licensed optician.

Her work includes nonprofit, healthcare, and university settings. She received a degree from Otterbein University in Health Education with an emphasis on Public Health. After graduation she went on to receive a Certification as a Certified Health Education Specialist. She then went on to work for The Ohio Commission on Minority Health as an Executive Secretary. Sheronda had many responsibilities at the Commission and a highlight was coordinating the calendar for the statewide Minority Health Month, a 30-day inclusive, high visibility, wellness campaign. In 2015 she transferred to the Bureau of Maternal and Child Health at The Ohio Department of Health as a Public Health Vision Consultant. She worked to coordinate the Ad Hoc Vision Advisory Board to develop the Vision Screening Guidelines for the state which were released in 2017.

Since then, she has worked with numerous schools across central Ohio to enhance their vision screening programs. In addition to serving Ohio schools her presentations have been presented at The Ohio Early Childhood Conference and the 43rd Annual Ohio Association of School Nurses. She believes that we must restructure the way we view health and healthcare, and it is imperative that we focus on youth and make primary prevention, community health, and coordinated school health a priority.